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A Little About Us

Sewicob Inc is a company that specializes in providing high-quality products and accessories for barbers and hair stylists. Whether you need a mobile case to store and transport your tools, garments to protect your clothes from hair and chemicals, razors to shave your clients’ beards, shears to cut their hair, or a barber pole to attract their attention, Sewicob Inc has you covered.

Sewicob has been in the industry since 1997 and has earned a reputation for excellence and innovation. We offer a wide range of products that suit different styles and preferences. You can browse our catalog here. We are your one-stop shop for all your barbering and hairstyling needs.

Vincent Professional Barber Products We Are Known For.

Sewicob Inc. manufactures many products for the barber and beauty industry. The most popular products that we are known for are our Vincent Mastercase, Countertop Trays and Sigma Blades.

Vincent Mastercase

Our Vincent Mastercases come in multiple sizes to fit any barber or hair stylist needs. from the small case that can hold the basics to our Rolling case that can hold everything you would need for a mobile barber shop

Sigma Blade

Sigma Blade

Our Sigma Blade is designed for to be the most secure blade on the market. With a smaller size edge it is perfect for doing the detailed work and edges. Sharp and platinum coated for the closest shave.

Countertop Tray 6 Black

Countertop Trays

We have countertop trays for any shop style from our Natural Wood Countertop tray to our Black Countertop tray. we also have smaller sizes like our Countertop BC and CRS which are specially made to keep your workstation organized and clean.

Kenny Duncan
Kenny Duncan is a long time professional barber that we have worked with over the years to promote and help shape the Vincent Brand
Van Campbell aka vandagoat is a professional barber from Philly that we worked with to develop the Weasel Razor.
Wayne Cousar
Wayne Cousar is a long time professional barber based here in philly that helps our customers with any answers during trade shows.
Gino Maggio
Vincent Professional worked with Gino Maggio to help us develop the Conduttore Shear Collection