Vincent Pro Clipper and Trimmer

Ful Metal Trimmer features an ultra-low profile metal shield cover with an ergonomic grip housing. It’s powered by a high-performance brushless 720rpm motor with a high capacity 2200 mAh lithium-ion battery. the design and power are completed by arming the Vincent series with a low temperature blade.

Vincent Full Metal Clipper

5-detent blade control, precisely cutting length adjustment from 0 to .6mm. Easy operation for layered hairstyles and fade haircuts with shaved line.

Long life push button on the left side, speed, power on/off r-angled deep tooth with low friction, no harm to your hand or skin.

High Torque BLDC motor (6600rpm) high speed strong power, low noise , and long life. Complete safety control panel to protect from over charge, over discharge, over voltage, over current and over heat.