The development of something special. We combined the look and quality of our patented, industry leading

Mastercase and a backpack to bring you the most versatile, comfortable, organized backpack in the industry.

A Breathable Back.

We added durable straps that can hold the weight of all your tools. extra padding for your back that also lets airflow keep you cool. We also included a chest strap to help ease up the weight of your tools on your back. 

The Perfect Size.

We made it the perfect size, with our patent design, the Hard Shell Backpack gives you the most room and style without having a big, bulky box on your back. No more quick turns and knocking everything off the wall. 

17.75″ Tall

13″ wide

4.75″ (smallest depth)

8.625″ (largest depth)

Protection When You Travel

We understand that travel can be a little rough on your things, so we have included a travel cover with every Hard-Shell Backpack. Made with an industrial nylon to help prevent scratches and scuff marks when they are in the overhead compartment or trunk. 

A Style for Anyone.

Black Metal VT10400

Gold Metal VT10401

Nostalgic Red VT10402

Classic Black VT10404

Vincent Plaid Hard Shell Backpack

Vincent Plaid VT10405

HSBP Vintage Gold

Nostalgic gold

Organized With Space

We thought of everything you would need to organize and work out of the Hard-Shell Backpack. From a removable tray that you can use for your clippers, to dedicated elastic straps to hold the cords when the clippers are not in use. The

right side of the backpack has a deep storage pocket that can hold a blow-dryer, your cans and chargers. 2 dedicated shear holders, elastic straps on the side for razors, combs or more shears. and finally deep pockets to hold additional clippers, trimmers, or anything else you would need. 

Inside look of our HSBP
Hard Shell Backpack inside look, patent design that can hold all your tools
Insert Tray for the Vincent Hard Shell Barber Backpack
Open Insert Tray for the Vincent Hard Shell Barber Backpack